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Be The Best Travel Lacrosse Club

est. 2021

The BTB Way

Ultimately, our philosophy prioritizes the growth and development of each player while also creating a competitive and enjoyable environment that instills essential values such as teamwork, discipline, sportsmanship, competitiveness, and a growth mindset. At BTB, we focus on building relationships with our players and families because they are why we do this! We work relentlessly to improve our players and teams through training, effective practices, providing high-level instructions, and engaging in conversations to ensure all our players understand the "why" of what we are doing.  The road to reaching individual and team greatness takes time, there is no shortcut, and we let our players and parents know this.  The BTB philosophy is rooted in hard work and overcoming adversity and transcends beyond the game of lacrosse. 


BTB Lacrosse Club principles and values 


  1. Player development: BTB Lacrosse Club focuses on developing each player's skills, knowledge, and understanding of the game, regardless of their skill level or experience. We let our players and parents know that they must be all in and trust the process if they want to see the highest of results.  

  2. Teamwork: BTB Lacrosse Club encourages teamwork and collaboration, with players working together to achieve common goals and support each other on and off the field. We desire players who consistently show up to practice and work hard for the team's benefit. 

  3. Sportsmanship: BTB Lacrosse Club prioritizes good sportsmanship and respect for opponents, referees, and the game, emphasizing intense play that is fair and upholds the integrity.  These expectations must be followed by our parents as well. 

  4. Competitive spirit: BTB Lacrosse Club fosters a competitive spirit and a desire to win while balancing a focus on player/team development and enjoyment of the game. Our emphasis on being competitive expected in games and practices. Those who compete at the highest level consistently will most likely receive more playing time, as our players must earn their time on the field. 

  5. Fun and enjoyment: BTB Lacrosse Club creates an enjoyable experience for all players. We expect our coaches and staff to create a positive and supportive environment where players can thrive and grow.

How does BTB build players from the ground up and motivate higher-level players to keep getting better?

​1. Setting clear and achievable goals:

Our staff works with our athletes and teams to set specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound goals that are challenging yet attainable. Setting individual and team goals will help both focus their efforts and stay motivated.


2. Provide regular feedback: 

Regular feedback from our coaches is essential for player and team growth and development. Therefore, our coaches will provide constructive feedback on player/team performance, highlighting strengths and areas for improvement. Use positive reinforcement and be a voice of reason: Positive reinforcement is a powerful tool for motivating athletes. Our staff will provide praise and recognition to reinforce good performance and effort. Also, we let our players know what they must improve upon and point out mistakes so they can learn and grow from them. 


3. Build a strong relationship:

BTB believes building a solid relationship with our athletes is crucial. Therefore, BTB coaches should always be approachable, listen to concerns, and provide support and encouragement.


4. Focus on the process, not just the outcome:

While winning is important, our true goal is to focus on the process and progress of our athletes. Our job is to help them understand that success only comes with consistent effort, hard work, and overcoming adversity.  


5. Encourage a growth mindset:

We encourage our athletes to adopt a growth mindset, focusing on the belief that they can continually improve with hard work and dedication. In addition, we want our players to understand that challenges and setbacks are opportunities to learn and grow. 


BTB Coaching Expectations

  1. Strong communication skills: Our coaches will communicate effectively with their athletes, using clear and concise language to convey instructions, feedback, and expectations.

  2. Positive attitude and mindset: Our coaches will have a positive attitude and mindset, fostering a supportive and encouraging environment that motivates and inspires our athletes. 

  3. Technical expertise and knowledge: Our coaches will have a deep understanding of lacrosse and be able to provide expert guidance and advice to their athletes on improving their performance.

  4. Empathy and emotional intelligence: Our coaches will have empathy and emotional intelligence to understand our athletes' individual needs and emotions and be able to respond appropriately.

  5. Strong leadership skills: Our coaches will be strong leadership skills, inspiring and motivating their athletes to achieve their full potential and set a positive example through their behavior and actions.

  6. Flexibility and adaptability: Our coaches will be flexible and adaptable by adjusting their coaching approach to suit the needs and abilities of their respective teams.

  7. Commitment to continuous learning and development: Our coaches will be committed to their continuous learning and development, seeking new knowledge and skills to improve their coaching practice.


Why Choose BTB?

  1. Passion for the sport: Our staff has a deep passion for lacrosse and strives to promote and support the sport at all levels.

  2. High ethical standards: BTB upholds high ethical standards and operates with integrity, treating athletes, families, and staff with respect and fairness.

  3. Innovative approach: BTB Lacrosse Club understands that the game and athletes are constantly changing, so we take an innovative and forward-thinking approach to constantly improve the sport and athlete experience.

  4. Strong leadership: BTB has strong leadership, experience, and knowledgeable individuals who can guide the club, players, and teams toward success. 

  5. Commitment to athlete development: BTB is committed to developing our players at all levels, from grassroots to elite levels, providing opportunities and resources to help them reach their full potential.

  6. Family-centric approach: BTB prioritizes the needs and interests of our BTB families first and foremost. We always strive to give our BTB families and players the highest value they deserve.

  7. Financial stability: BTB has a financially stable business model, which allows us to bring a great experience to our players and families.  


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