Be The Best Lacrosse Club was founded in 2020 and our journey began for the sole reason of providing young lacrosse players, and their families an environment that fosters personal and team growth. We achieve this growth by being super focused on each team, player, and family. Many clubs have numerous teams, and this can result in players not getting the attention they deserve. The BTB club experience is the opposite, as we aren’t focused on more teams, we are focused and committed to one team. As a parent myself, I understand the frustrations of watching your child not grow or reach their potential due to poor instruction or false promises. BTB owner, Dan Achatz, has developed a curriculum and practice regiment for all ages and levels that focuses on player and team growth. Coach Dan works closely with his staff to ensure they are providing highly effective practices and preparing the team for tournament play. If you’re a parent that demands growth and an environment built for success, then join our family and let’s get better together!